Neymar Shows Off Son Davi Lucca On Instagram, Succeeds As Baby Boy Mother Moves To Barcelona?

Neymar Shows Off Son Davi Lucca On Instagram

Neymar Shows Off Son Davi Lucca On Instagram, Succeeds As Baby Boy Mother Moves To Barcelona?

Neymar showed off his growing son Davi Lucca again on Instagram, which hinted at the reason that he has been excelling in his game recently. Maybe the improvement in Neymar’s game has been somewhat linked to the rumor that his baby boy mother supposedly moved to Barcelona.

Check out the cute picture that Neymar took with his son on Instagram:

His son Davi Lucca has been the life and joy of Neymar through the past World Cup and into the new season with Barcelona. And it looks like Davi Lucca has been a big part of his success with the club.
According to Grantland , “Thanks to Lionel Messi’s injury, Neymar is proving on a weekly basis that when it comes to winning games, he’s better than just about anybody else in the world. And he’s doing it with a game that’s more well-rounded than anyone could’ve expected when he left Brazil two years ago.”
His success also may be linked with the rumor that Carolina Dantas, the mother of his only son Davi Lucca, is thinking about moving to Barcelona so that their baby boy can be closer to his father. With Davi Lucca’s mom around to take care of his son, Neymar probably can focus on his game more.
According to Mirror , “Neymar’s former girlfriend and his son are planning to move to Spain to be closer to the Barcelona star, according to reports in Brazil… According to GloboEsporte, the Brazilian’s former girlfriend, Carol Dantas, is now hoping to move to Catalonia for the benefit of their son, Davi Lucca. Dantas is tipped to move for three months as a test period. If she decides to stay, she may still be limited to a year in the Catalan capital, as she does not have a European passport.”
Whatever Carolina Dantas’ plans are, it seems like Neymar isn’t a big fan of Barcelona.
Before this moment on Instagram, Neymar had been neglecting his duties as father to his baby boy. While he has been posting plenty of pictures of his mates and of his career, he hasn’t uploaded a picture of his baby boy Davi Lucca in weeks.
He used to post lots of of photos with his cute blond son on Instagram, but those Kodak moments have been far in between as the season with Barcelona has been intensifying. Seeing how Neymar isn’t a very popular player right now, he could definitely use some baby charm to get his popularity back up!

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