Nexus 9 Release Date: Google’s Most Powerful Tablet Gets Multiple Rumored Launch Dates In October, Can It Beat The iPad This Time Around?

If you are an avid Android fan, then you are probably one of the thousands or even millions of those waiting for the Nexus 9 release date.

Originally the Nexus 8, it has since been tipped a 9 due to its alleged bigger display at 8.9 inches. 

According to a report by  The Epoch Times , a Portuguese website tipped the launch date on October 8, where interestingly, the Taiwanese manufacturer has an event on schedule.  In another rumor, an anonymous tipster allegedly claims that the new Android tablet will be announced on October 16.

In a report by the  International Business Times,  Developer Paul O’Brien shared in his Twitter account that the Nexus slate will make its debut on the 24th of the same month, where the phone maker will release the device officially under a UK carrier.  Whether the device will be announced on October 8, 16 or 24, or all of the above, chances are the Nexus 6 (Nexus X) will debut on the same day.

Like other Nexus devices, both gadgets would arrive with Android L.

A launch date in October is also the most ideal option if Google wants to take on Apple’s new iPads inthe same month.  So what do we know so far about the upcoming Nexus 9 release date? According to previous rumors, the device will boast a 12.9-inch display with a whopping QHD or 2K (2560 x 1600) resolution, 3GB of RAM, an NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset which makes it one of the best gaming tablets in the market, and a 32GB of built-in memory with microSD card slot.  Behind the device is an 8MP primary camera while a 2MP cam is expected to grace the front.  In a recent report, the upcoming versions of Android would allegedly require 20 built-in apps for its devices.

We still can’t be cetain if this will take effect right away on Android L, but this sure isn’t good news for power users who hate bloatware.     

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