Newly Debuted Girl Group Lovelyz Crack The Top 10 On Taiwan’s Five Music Chart

Newly Debuted Girl Group Lovelyz Crack The Top 10 On Taiwan's Five Music Chart
Newly Debuted Girl Group Lovelyz Crack The Top 10 On Taiwan's Five Music Chart

Girl group Lovelyz , who recently topped Japan’s Tower Records chart, has also made it into the Top 10 on Taiwan’s music chart as well and has revealed their global popularity.

On November 25, Woollim Entertainment revealed that Lovelyz’ debut album Girls’ Invasion , had ranked number 9 on Taiwan’s Five Music Korea-Japan weekly chart.

The group did not hold any promotions pertaining to their debut album and still they were able to top Japan’s Tower Records Comprehensive Album Sales Ranking chart and gained much attention from local fans.

Their agency commented, “Lovelyz has already been receiving numerous love calls from foreign agencies and media.

We are so thankful to the group’s foreign fans for their support, but the group will be focusing on activities and promotions in Korea for now.” Lovelyz debuted with their song, “Candy Jelly Love,” which was produced by Yoon Sang and has recently made their first debut performance as well.

Starting this week, they will be appearing on many different TV shows and radio shows to promote their debut album.

Rookie group Lovelyz debuted recently under Woollim Entertainment as an 8 member group.

Members include Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Kei, JIN, Sujeong and Yein.

Many of the members have either debuted as a solo artist or have appeared in various music videos, having prior experience before becoming a group.

Currently, member Seo Ji Soo has been under investigation regarding rumors online about her blackmailing and sexually assaulting other women.

She is currently not promoting with the group as they are still investigating this case.

Woollim Entertainment have stated that they will be supporting Ji Soo regarding these statements and take on the responsibility if any of the allegations released are true.

Ji Soo also did not appear in the music video for their debut song, “Candy Jelly Love.”

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