New York Knicks Roster For 2014 Can Reach Playoffs, Says Zen Master And Knicks President Phil Jackson

Some Knicks fans, and most of the NBA may have given up on the New York Knicks roster winning a championship in this era, but for Zen Master and Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, people should not put down New York just yet. 

In a recent interview, the 69-year-old former Bulls and Lakers head coach said that he is confident that the Knicks will get past the season and into the playoffs.  “We believe that we’re going to be a playoff team and then we don’t know how far we’ll be able to go.

We’re hoping for the best.”  Right now, in the surface it seems the only that Jackson and his term have done for the Knicks is take away the talent it already has and form a new team.

Of course, we won’t forget that it was Jackson who convinced Carmelo Anthony to stay in New York and remain a centerpiece in the rebuilding phase.  Even after making Melo agree to a contract, he made him take a paycut in order for the Knicks to pursue possible candidates before or during the 2014-15 NBA season.  In the interview, Jackson also mentioned how Knicks fans are asking him when New York would take home the championship once more.

The last time the Knicks won an NBA championship, Jackson was still a player playing for New York.  40 years later, Jackson has retired from basketball, won two 3-peats with the Chicago Bulls, and strung another 5 titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in a 6-year period, making a name for himself as a Hall of Famer coach.  With the experience Jackson brings to the table, Knicks fans should stop worrying too much about New York’s future.

As long as Melo produces and coach Derek Fisher’s version of the triangle works, then good times will soon begin in New York.

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