New York Knicks Aiming To Draft Either D’Angelo Russell, Justise Winslow Or Frank Kaminsky? Here’s What Each Prospect Has To Say About The Organization

New York Knicks Aiming To Draft Either D’Angelo Russell
New York Knicks Aiming To Draft Either D’Angelo Russell

The New York Knicks are aiming to get the best outcome in this year’s draft.

As of the moment, they are currently poised to draft second  based on their team standing this season.

But that would change on Tuesday when the NBA Draft Lottery arrives.

Right now, the Knicks were able to screen D’Angelo Russell, Justise Winslow and Frank Kaminsky and all are within reach to be drafted by the Knicks.

Starting with Russell, he is projected to be drafted in the top five as well as Justise Winslow.

It is worth noting that the Knicks cannot go lower than the fifth pick.

However, Frank Kaminsky would be quite a reach as he is projected to be drafted in the top ten range.

Here’s what each prospect has to say about the Knicks organization.

As per D’Angelo Russell, he is not that familiar with the Triangle Offense yet as per Al Iannazzone.

Meanwhile, Justise Winslow had a blast when he visited the Knicks according to Basketball Insiders .

“It was great to be with Mr.

[Phil] Jackson, just to see how he works, his thought process with things,” Winslow said.

“Derek Fisher was in there too, so it’s cool getting to meet with guys that you know.” “I did go with ‘Melo to the Yankees game the other night too.

It wasn’t anything about the Knicks, just was about him helping me adjust to the pro game,” he added.

Lastly, Real GM  reported that Frank Kaminsky is already well knowledgeable about the system that the Knicks impose.

“I know they run the triangle and I think I can do well in that system,” Kaminsky said of the Knicks.

“But the organization has to make the decision, not me.

New York is a great place, storied history.

I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Carmelo Anthony is obviously one of the superstars – one of the best in my generation.

To play alongside him would be a cool thing.”

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