New ‘V/H/S Viral’ Trailer Features Segment From One Of ‘ABCs Of Death’ Directors Marcel Sarmiento, Early Reviews From Fantastic Fest Are Fresh

After “The Ring” horror franchise, one might suppose audiences would be tired of seeing horror films surrounded around the now somewhat dead technology of VHS tapes.

Then, “V/H/S” hit film festivals and made over $100 thousand in the box office on a micro budget, and suddenly horror tapes were cool again.

October is usually a month that’s saturated with horror movies, but “V/H/S Viral,” the third installment in the “V/H/S” franchise stands out because its multiple horror films in one.

A new trailer for the film was released today and it features a segment from one of the directors lucky enough to make it onto the project, Marcel Sarmiento.

In addition, some early reviews are in from it’s run at Fantastic Fest, and critics seem to be pleased.

Last year Bloody Disgusting asked director Marcel Sarmiento if he’d stick around the horror film genre after ‘ABCs of Horror’: “I like causing trouble, and horror has been a great way to do that – sometimes the only way to hit a nerve – especially when everyone’s exposed to so much already, online, etc…” It would appear that Sarmiento kept his promise as he found his way from “ABCs of Horror” to an even bigger horror anthology franchise, “V/H/S Viral.” A new trailer for the film (which is available to view below) features clips from his segment as well as the rest of the film.

Although “V/H/S Viral” won’t be available for wider audiences for another few weeks, the film was screened at this year’s Fantastic Fest film festival and so far critics seem to be pleased.

There’s no consensus on Rotten Tomatoes yet, but We Got This Covered says, “Grab on for dear life and expect a freakish, wild, and seriously f#cked up ride from start to finish – which, of course, is every horror fan’s dream.” All in all, it looks like “V/H/S Viral” will not disappoint when it hits VOD on October 23rd.


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