New Marvel Comics Coming In 2016 With ‘All-New, All-Different’ Adventures

New Marvel Comics Coming In 2016 With 'All-New

New Marvel Comics Coming In 2016 With 'All-New, All-Different' Adventures

New Marvel comics have just been announced for their release next year.
Marvel has introduced a number of new superheroes into the Marvel universe and it looks like they aren’t stopping there. A promotion announced in June was known as “All-New, All-Different Marvel” where there will be 60 new Marvel comics and relaunched series released in Fall 2015.

This Marvel Universe will be getting a reboot in order to keep the popularity of their characters relevant. According to Inverse , the company’s main comic book narrative is called” Secret Wars” that involves all of Marvel’s main heroes from the different universes.
“Secret Wars” is a primer of sorts before a slew of other new Marvel comics will be released. “All-New, All-Different” will be introduced in two waves with the first one in October and the second one in November.
IGN reported on five new Marvel comics that will be getting released in 2016. First is “Infinity Entity” created by Jim Starlin and Alan Davis. It’s a new Adam Warlock title where Warlock encounters the Avengers. This title is to be released in Spring 2016.
“Xmen ‘92” is where the X-men will be returning to their own universe after the “Secret Wars” in order to re-open Professor Xavier’s school. It will be released in Spring 2016 and under the creative team of Chris Sims, Alti Firmansyah, Chad Bowers and David Nakayama.
The Silver Surfer will be returning Early 2016 under the creative tandem of Dan Slott and Mike Allred. There are no further details on the title.
“Mockingbird” will be under Chelsea Cain’s creative direction but does not have a release date set. However, Bobbi Morse will reportedly be getting her first solo series in 2016 with Mocking bird but there are not further details revealed.
Last is “Moon Knight,” Comic Book revealed it will happen around next year and will continue the tragic tale of Marc Spector.

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