New ‘Man to Man’ still shows Park Hae Jin on chains

New 'Man to Man' still shows Park Hae Jin on chains

New 'Man to Man' still shows Park Hae Jin on chains

JTBC just gave fans another reason to wait for “Man to Man” as they released new teaser photos featuring the lead of the action-thriller drama, the “Cheese in the Trap” actor Park Hae Jin. On December 27, Dramabeans wrote that the new teaser photos released by JTBC showed Park Hae Jin chained up and locked in a cell by some foreign bad guys. This photo raised curiosity and captured the interest of netizens making “Man to Man” one of the anticipated dramas of 2017.

Moreover, the said ” Man to Man” still also seemed to be a torture or interrogation scene. Earlier this month, Kpop Starz  released the first set of photo teasers of Park Hae Jin donning an orange jail jumpsuit. These jail photo teasers seemed to be connected to the new set of photo teasers revealing more of what to expect in the new JTBC drama. Aside from Park Hae Jin being the lead of this upcoming drama, there are more reasons why this drama is to watch for. For sure, viewers will be hooked as the one responsible for the episode-by-episode story is none other than Kim Won Seok who brought “Descendants of the Sun” into life. “Man to Man” will also star “Remember: Son’s War” actor Park Sung Woong and “Master of Trade-Inn” star Kim Min Jung. “Man to Man” is all about a secret agent portrayed by Park Hae Jin who’ll undercover as Park Sung Woong’s bodyguard. Sung Woong shall play as a hallyu star known for his top-billed villain roles. Things will get chaotic as the hallyu star’s manager, played by Min Jung, gets suspicious of the bodyguard. This newest Park Hae Jin drama will air on the first half of 2017. Can’t wait to have a sneak peek of “Man to Man”? JTBC also revealed alongside the release of the new stills that the official teaser video of “Man to Man” shall be released on December 29 via Naver’s V Drama channel.

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