New ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Season 2 Trailer Released [VIDEO]: Funimation Simulcast Remains Unconfirmed

Shoujo anime fans can rejoice today as a new trailer for “Kamisama Kiss” season two was released that features new cast member introductions, including Mamoru the monkey spirit.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no information on when the new season will air or whether North American fans can expect Funimation to simulcast the anime series again.

Shoujo anime, which is usually dominated by a female fan base, is sometimes paradoxically considered a risk for release because there’s a demographic theory that girls do not spend money on “geek culture” items.

Michelle Lee at Funimation however specifically disagreed with this paradox in an interview with Anime News Network about the “Kamisama Kiss” anime.

“Here at Funimation we don’t really put much stock into that controversy that girls don’t buy anime, girls don’t buy merchandise, because we’ve seen what happens at conventions,” she explained.

“The conventions are very even in terms of the male/female demographic, and we see shows like ‘Fruits Basket’ and ‘Ouran High [School Host Club]’ sell extremely well, and I’ve seen ‘Hetalia’ fans at conventions buying tons and tons of merchandise, so obviously we don’t believe that girls don’t buy anime.” It is that belief that probably also influenced Funimation to simulcast “Kamisama Kiss” season one as well as release the series in a special Goddess edition box set.

While the company has yet to confirm a simulcast, fans can be happy to know that a new trailer for “Kamisama Kiss” season two was released today that features introductions from some of the new characters.

Anime News Network  reports the full list of new voice actors for this upcoming season, including the announcement that “Naoko Matsui will be replacing Natsuyo Arashi as the role of Onikiri.” Shoujo fangirls (and fanboys) can check out the newest trailer for “Kamisama Kiss” season two below.


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