New K-Pop Boy Band Seventeen Debut After 4 Years Of Preparation

New K-Pop Boy Band Seventeen Debut After 4 Years Of Preparation
New K-Pop Boy Band Seventeen Debut After 4 Years Of Preparation


New boy group Seventeen finally debuted in Korea after 4 years of preparation.

Consisted of 13 members, the big group is made up of three different units each responsible for hip-hop, vocals, and performance.

On May 26, Seventeen held a debut showcase in Ilsan and held a press meeting.

There, the group declared their goal to win the Rookie Awards this year.

Also known as “After School’s little brothers,” Seventeen is known for featuring in MBC Music Seventeen Project – Debut Big Plan and airing the entire production process of their debut album, 17 Carat .

The hip hop unit is made up of S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon.

The vocal unit is made up of Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan.

The performance unit is made up of The8, Hoshi , Jun, and Dino.

Each member is unique and each unit has strong characteristcs.

Another nickname for Seventeen is “Self-producing idol.” Member Woozi in charge of producing commented, “I worked on many tracks.

I focused on showing our passion.

The three unit leaders worked hard together.

As ‘self-producing’ idols, we would like to make an album that tells our stories.” As their role model, Seventeen chose Shinhwa rather than similar big groups such as Super Junior or EXO.

 “Our role model is Shinhwa.

We admire how long they have stayed together and worked together,” S.Coups explained, “Our first goal is to publicize Seventeen, and our ultimate goal is to win the Rookie Awards this year.” Seventeen performed “Shining Diamond” and “Adore U” at the showcase.

“Shining Diamond” is a powerful and addicting track.

Despite having 13 members, the group danced perfectly in sync and showed off their teamwork.

During “Adore U,” the members displayed witty choreography that reminded the audience of musicals.

From powerful vocals to cute yet masculine choreography, it was difficult to believe that a group made up of such young members could have come up with this performance on their own.

“Shining Diamond” has two meanings.

One is that everyone with a dream can shine like diamonds, and the other is that Seventeen is being made into diamonds.

Regarding “Adore U,” Woozi explained that “It’s a punky pop track.

Its melody can be memorized quickly and lyrics suit our age.” “We also incorporated witty dances,” added Hoshi, who is in charge of choreography.

Seventeen’s first mini album, ” 17 Carat” will be released on May 29.

Title track “Adore U” was composed, written, and produced by Woozi, while choreography was choreographed by Hoshi.

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