New ‘Attack On Titan’ Spinoff Novel Revealed On Amazon, ‘Lost Girls’ Story Allegedly To Follow Mikasa Ackerman And Annie Leonhardt

Fans may be growing restless in the case of “Attack on Titan” season two release date, but they can be happy to know that there’s plenty of other “Attack on Titan” related content to look forward to.

The latest is a spinoff novel entitled “Lost Girls” that was revealed when it became available for purchase on Amazon Japan.

The “Lost Girls” novel will apparently follow fan favorite female characters Mikasa Ackerman and Female titan Annie Leonhardt.

Earlier this year “Attack on Titan” creator Hajime Isayama answered fan submitted questions in Bessatsu Magazine (via Tumblr ).

Most of his answers however were well thought out avoidances, especially in the case of who would win in a fight between Mikasa and Annie.

“It was an enjoyable fight, like the fight between Nogueira and Bob Sapp! The instructor came and interrupted the fight, so there were no winner,” said Isayama.

As two of the strongest and most popular female characters in “Attack on Titan,” this response was probably more teasing than satisfying.

But perhaps fans of either or both characters will get a chance to re-imagine that fight in the new “Lost Girls” spinoff novel.

Anime News Network reports that “Amazon Japan and other retailers are listing an ‘Attack on Titan’ novel titled Lost Girls, which will ship on December 9 from Kodansha Comics Deluxe.

Hiroshi Seko, who worked on the script for several of the ‘Attack on Titan’ anime episodes, will write the novel.

Hajime Isayama is listed as the original creator and the Attack on Titan Production Committee is collaborating.” Based on the cover art, it appears that “Lost Girls” will follow Mikasa and Annie but no specific story details have been confirmed.

Additionally, there has been no announcements as to whether the novel will be released abroad for English fans of “Attack on Titan.” Given the popularity of the franchise however, it’s likely only a matter of time before the “Lost Girls” novel arrives for fans to devour across the globe.


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