‘Neverending Nightmares’ Review Roundup: Game Critics Call It ‘Horrific, Repulsive, And True’, Different Kind Of Fear From ‘Resident Evil’ And ‘Dead Space’

A child’s first nightmare can be a very traumatizing experience.

Often it results in a swift return from sleeping in one’s own room to sleeping in the bed snuggled up safely next to their parents.

Recently, game director Matt Gilgenbach has created a new indie game that is made of that experience of your first nightmares, except it has an end goal that is perhaps more satisfying than getting into bed with your parents.

The indie game “Neverending Nightmare” recently was reviewed by major game sites and the critics have nothing but positive things to say.

“I think ‘Neverending Nightmares’ is the game I can create better than anyone else, just because it’s so personal to me.

I have all these negative images and negative emotions I can channel into making this psychological horror experience,” said Gilgenbach in an interview with Polygon .

It is clear that the game is made of his own nightmares in context of Gilgenbach’s experience after the financial failure of his previous game, “Retro/Grade.” Amazingly, he turned the dark times into “Neverending Nightmares.” Game Informer stated that while playing the game, “a steady reverberating chill ran down my spine throughout the whole game; the fear is different than that of a classic Resident Evil or a Dead Space title.

I wasn’t scared about what was going to happen and at any minute – I was uncomfortable with the whole experience.” The experience in question involves the story of Thomas, a young man who is going through depression and has a nightmare that his beloved sister Gabby is dead.

Then, he continues to wake up into more nightmares as he travels through his home.

The game has relatively short playing time, but contains multiple endings to work toward.

A lot of the reviews for “Neverending Nightmare” are impressed by how the game sustains its fear through out.

Joystiq calls “Neverending Nightmare” “horrific, repulsive, and true,” endorsing the game as much as Polygon and Game Informer.  Those indie gamers who are interested in diving into the meaning of “Neverending Nightmares” on Steam and Ouya.

After all of the rave reviews, who wouldn’t?  

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