Netizens upset over Kim Ji Soo’s Instagram post about ‘Hwarang’

Netizens upset over Kim Ji Soo’s Instagram post about 'Hwarang'

Netizens upset over Kim Ji Soo’s Instagram post about 'Hwarang'

KBS’ new drama in town, “Hwarang”, is making a lot of noise lately because of the flower boys showcased in the drama. However, it seems that the noise isn’t all about the boys. On December 20, Kim Ji Soo, the actress who plays the role of the queen in the drama, posted a screenshot of her past project on Instagram. At first, it might be normal for any actress to upload such post but, Kim Ji Soo received a lot of negative comments because of the caption enveloped with the post. The controversial post is embedded below.

A Romanized and translated version of the caption reads as, “it is really difficult to always being able to do good projects…Often, I start something because it seems great but then it goes off-course…there are many unexpected factors.” Although Kim Ji Soo didn’t mention “Hwarang” directly on her controversial post, this caption caused an uproar especially for the fans of the said historical drama. Some of the netizens called Kim Ji Soo a “team killer” and “kill joy”. Others explained why they see her that way by stating that Kim Ji Soo should have been more sensitive of the efforts of her co-stars because they might feel down if they see posts like that. As of the time of writing, Kim Ji Soo has not released any official statement regarding this controversy yet. Meanwhile, All Kpop  further explained that the said screenshot featured one of Kim Ji Soo’s most successful projects and netizens translated this post as her way of being disappointed with “Hwarang”. “Hwarang” just aired its premiere episode last week but has been on the hype as it was dubbed to be the next “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”, according to Soompi . While waiting for Kim Ji Soo’s clarification, catch the next episodes of “Hwarang” this week on KBS or on streaming sites such as Dramafever and Viki.

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