Netizens Make Shocking Discovery: ASTRO’s Moonbin Was The Young Kim Bum From ‘Boys Over Flowers’

Netizens Make Shocking Discovery: ASTRO's Moonbin Was The Young Kim Bum From 'Boys Over Flowers'

Netizens Make Shocking Discovery: ASTRO's Moonbin Was The Young Kim Bum From 'Boys Over Flowers'

It took a while but fans are finally realizing one essential fact from Moonbin’s early showbiz career. While he is now one of the most sought after artists from the music group ASTRO, he did star as the younger version of Kim Bum’s character in the hit Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers.” According to a report from All KPop , a gif has been circulating online featuring a clip from the series wherein the character of So Yi Jung is hiding underneath a table to shield himself from conflict while a young girl comes in to comfort him. The clip is only 56 seconds long but since it is concentrated on one particular scene, netizens realized who the young actor was and connected him as one of the most popular members of the boy band ASTRO. It came as no surprise that his fans thought he was adorable when he was just a child actor and pretty soon, the clip made its way to Facebook and Twitter.
It wasn’t a secret that Moonbin made a brief appearance in the show as it is listed down in his filmography posted on My Drama List . He also starred in an episode of “Perseverance, Go Hae Ra” in 2015 and played a main role in the web series “To Be Continued” in the same year. In 2016, he was back to television for a supporting role in “My Romantic Some Recipe.” Moonbin also shares a good working relationship with members of ASTRO, so much so that he would even introduce them to his sister YGNGG Sua for a love match if the opportunity arose. He confirmed as much in an interview .  When he was asked flat out which member of the group he would introduce to his sibling, he smiled sheepishly and looked thoughtful. “Probably Jinjin,” he replied.

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