‘NCIS LA’ Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream: Watch CBS Show S06E9 Online Streaming For Free Here; Granger Is Hospitalized In Tonight’s ‘Traitor’ Episode

Watch “NCIS LA” Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream Live Stream.

Watch Online Free here More of CBS shows here.

Tonight’s episode will feature Granger [Miguel Ferrer] getting hospitalized as Callen finds clue as to who is responsible for putting him there.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode: “Hetty orders a lockdown and Eric becomes one of seven suspects after Granger is poisoned by the mole.” Watch the sneak peak footage below: For more exciting NCIS Los Angeles live streams, recaps and spoilers.

Keep tuning in here at KPopStarz.com For more CBS action, there is a live stream of the channel which can be accessed here  or here (different regions might access different sites), and through that, fans can watch “NCIS LA” Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream Live Stream online.

Notes for Live Stream links: There are a lot of fake channels solely for the purpose of luring viewers with ads, but here is how you can avoid any potential hiccups with pop-ups and ads.

Do not download anything that is suggested.

For every ad, there is an “X” button.

It is typically in a corner or out of the way so it is hard to see.

Sometimes ads try to fool you by giving you a fake “X” graphic, which leads you to an ad.

Do not be discouraged when this happens, the real “X” button is there somewhere.

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Even then, pop-ups will occur as you clear the ads.

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“NCIS LA” Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream Live Stream will have recurring ads that pop up every once in a while.

If this is the only way you can view “NCIS LA” Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream, do not be deterred and the live streaming will work once the ads disappear.

Be sure to catch “NCIS LA” Season 6 Episode 9 Live Stream Live Stream tonight on CBS for more of the action drama show at 10 EST!

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