NBA Trade Rumors: Timofey Mozgov To Cleveland Cavaliers? Title Favorites Become Pretenders Because Of Weak Defense! Will They Nab Denver Nuggets’ Center?

The NBA Trade Rumors will continue for the weak teams as well as the disappointing teams.

While it’s not as bad as the media paints it, the lofty expectations hoisted on the Cleveland Cavaliers have them being forced to make a trade.

The Cavaliers seem to have a complete team on offense but defense is another matter.

At the start of the season, they have been run over by opponents.

With no designated rim protector, scoring on the Cavs become too easy and they have been deemed as pretenders instead of contenders.

Per ESPN: (Cavs: Contender or Pretender?) “Pretender.

I’m wary of saying so because it’s hard to write off a LeBron James team that boasts so much offensive talent.

At the same time, how are they supposed to cobble together a defense? Anderson Varejao is their best (only?) defensive player and he doesn’t move nearly as well as he once did.” Not that they don’t know it yet, the Cavs have already tried to pursue Timofey Mozgov of the Denver Nuggets.

It could work since they only need him for defense, but Fox Sports Ohio says the deal just can’t get done: “The Cavs have been actively pursuing a trade for another big man, sources told FOX Sports Ohio, as the team looks to add size and defense near the basket.

But they are having no luck on prying center Timofey Mozgov away from the Nuggets.” The Cavs also want to plug their other defensive holes but the rest of the NBA are not too eager to help out the league’s new ‘Superteam:’  “While the Cavs like having Shawn Marion in the starting lineup, they would also love to find a viable wing so Marion can move back to his intended role off the bench.

Marion adds defense to a second unit in dire need of it — and as a backup small forward, would greatly assist in the area of preserving LeBron James.

That said, nothing is close on rumored trades involving the Cavs and swingmen Corey Brewer (Timberwolves) or Andrei Kirlenko (Nets).” The two swingmen could help out on team defense even without a rim protector, but the Cavs are still stuck at the moment.


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