NBA Trade Rumors: Rajon Rondo And Jeff Green Part Of Multi-Team Blockbuster Trade? Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets May Be Involved!

The NBA Trade Rumors continue to hound the Boston Celtics.

Not too many are convinced that Rajon Rondo will stick around for the long haul rebuilding process.

He’s approaching the last of his prime years and he has tasted a title with three All-time greats.

It’s too much of a step down to ask from him.

He is a proven playoff player and he will not make the post-season with this team.

Another expendable on the Boston Celtics team is Jeff Green.

He would be a useful talent for a contender willing to pay or a team who wants to take the next step. evaluates the two: “Rondo is one of the most difficult players in the league to appraise.

Add his injury history and stubborn personality to the ledger and pricing out his next deal becomes fuel for a migraine.

I suspect Boston will embrace that challenge if Rondo makes clear sense in the next stage of teambuilding, but a roster this young and a head coach this new to the NBA suggest otherwise.

To this point the Celtics have demanded a high return for Rondo, though that ask could waver as his free agency nears.

Green is a less appealing talent saddled with $9.2 million in salary for each of the next two seasons, assuming he claims his 2014-15 player option.

On its face that diminishes his market — only so many teams have the room to pay that wage to an inconsistent role player.

Still, just as the Celtics sold themselves on the strength of Green’s better games when acquiring him in 2010, some other suitor might see opportunity in Green’s skill set.

At the very least he’s long and quick enough to contend with the league’s biggest small forwards, capable enough off the bounce to create some supplementary offense and useful enough off the ball to contribute on most nights.

That combination of smaller skills could make more sense for another team than it does the torn-down Celtics, furthering the possibility of a potential trade.” The Indiana Pacers would like to get their hands on either player and they may split their veteran frontline for them.

The Charlotte Hornets may also seek an upgrade at the point if Kemba Walker falls short in the playoffs.

These teams have trade assets that might interest Celtics GM Danny Ainge.


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