NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith To Lakers? Stan Van Gundy Believes He’s Got A Game That Works! Can J-Smoove Play Well With Kobe As The Second Option?

The NBA Trade Rumors are about to go full throttle as only four teams remain.

It also helps that these four teams have little or no intention to trade.

The Detroit Pistons, on the other hand, has a new sheriff in town.

Stan Van Gundy is a coach who has a strong and effective system and he is also strict with its enforcement.

A player like Josh Smith will probably need to adjust.

The best option for them is still to move him.

Unfortunately, as Grantland points out: “But Smith’s trade value has never been lower.

Still, the Pistons should be targeting teams with room to spend, their own trade pieces and/or cap room, and foolish motivation to win right now – the Lakers, Knicks, and Nets come to mind.

The Pelicans have a couple of ugly contracts linked to perimeter players, but they’ve expressed no real interest in Smith, according to league sources.

Detroit might be stuck.” Before we dismiss that, we should not forget that the Lakers have only three players under contract and some cap space (not a lot tanks to Kobe’s contract).

If they want him that much, they can trade for him.

But why would they want Josh Smith.

Bill Simmons of Grantland once noted in his podcast that while Josh Smith is much maligned for his poor shot selection, we forget that he is a consistent double-double machine on a consistent playoff contender before he went to Detroit.

New coach Stan Van Gundy told Detroit Bad Boys: “It’s not about changing his game,” Josh has had a game for a long time in this league that works.

It’s about us putting him in spots that play to his strengths and don’t maybe give him the opportunity to play to his weaknesses a little bit.

And it’s about him making better decisions and being more efficient than he was last year.” That could also be a way to increase his trade value, which is at an utter low.

Detroit will accept a trade proposal even for expiring contracts.

A trade where Smith and the Pistons own no.8 first round pick goes to the Lakers and Steve Nash and the Lakers no.

6 goes to Detroit has been proposed in Real GM forums.

For most Detroit fans, even if Steve Nash retires, it’s a plus for them to get the cap space back and move up two picks.

For the Lakers, they can get an All-Star player (if utilized well) and still have a lottery pick.  There won’t be issues of being a poor fit as the Lakers have a clean roster and they don’t even have a coach.

It’s a big risk, but it could work.     

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