NBA Trade Rumors: Jeff Green Denies Trade Request! Celtics Forward Has Higher Value Than Rajon Rondo But Claims He Is Happy In Boston!

The NBA trade rumors continue to haunt the Boston Celtics.

Despite their fractional improvement this season the notion is that they are still on a ‘fire sale’ and it’s stars, Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, would rather leave.

There is also the prevailing belief that Rajon Rondo is their best trade asset.

Of course, that is sound reasoning as Rondo is a legitimate All-Star with extensive playoff experience-one of the best clutch performers of the league.

But as of now, Jeff Green is the more coveted prospect.

From CSNNE: “A league executive told on Saturday that the market for Green is as strong, ‘if not stronger’, than it is for Rajon Rondo, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

“They’re two totally different players and their roles with a team are different, too,” he said.

“But Green can do a lot of things to help just about any team, as long as you’re not making him the guy you build around.

Green’s the guy you add to the guy you’re trying to build around.” Rajon Rondo’s situation is rather tricky.

Teams that want to trade for him want an assurance that he will re-sign with them but that is not allowed in the NBA.

Teams with cap space would rather sign him without giving up assets.

The local blog agrees that  Ainge is willing to move Green at the right price: “Bottom line: Teams are going to come calling about some of our players and I think Danny Ainge will be very open to those conversations.

 It just becomes a matter of what price he’s willing to take.” Green recently denied that he is frustrated with the team.

He told the press before the game against Portland: “Before you start, I just want to clear the air about some B.S.

rumor that came out,” Green said.

“I don’t know if the person who made this article is in this [group of reporters], but the rumor about me wanting to get traded is definitely false.

I said that I was frustrated with losing, not frustrated with the team.

So if the words didn’t come from my mouth, I’d appreciate if you do not write a dumb— article like that.”  Still, Green can be traded if it is in the team’s best interest.

Ainge is well aware of this.

The LA Clippers, for one, is a contender that is in dire need of a swingman.


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