NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers Moving Roy Hibbert; Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Pelicans Or Portland Trail Blazers Possible Destinations

NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers Moving Roy Hibbert; Milwaukee Bucks
NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers Moving Roy Hibbert; Milwaukee Bucks

The Indiana Pacers were a win short of entering this year’s playoffs.

Although they were struggling during the majority of the season, the future is bright with Paul George returning from injury.

Also, it seems like the team is moving on without Roy Hibbert and his likely destinations could be the New Orleans Pelicans, Milwaukee Bucks, or Portland Trail Blazers.

Head coach Frank Vogel and VP Larry Bird made it known that they are planning to overhaul the roster.

Both figures also mentioned that Roy Hibbert could be included in those future deals.

  Here’s what Larry Bird has to say via Candace Bucker of The Indianapolis Star .

“We assume he’s going to be back and if he comes back, we’re probably going to play another style, and I can’t guarantee him anything.

He’s going to have to earn it,” the VP of basketball operations said.

I was talking to coach earlier; we’d like to play a little faster tempo, and that means we’ve got to run a little faster, maybe at times play a little smaller.

We just got into it, so I don’t know what style, but we’d like to change it a little bit.

But I would like to score more points, and to do that, you’ve got to run,” Bird added.

And here is Frank Vogel’s statement.

( via Bleacher Report ) “We’ll have to see how it all plays out and what the roster ultimately looks like, but there’s a possibility that Roy’s role will be diminished, if we’re trying to play faster and trying to play smaller, but a lot of stuff is going to happen this summer.

We’ll see how the roster shapes out coming into next season.” With that said, Bleacher Report listed possible trade scenarios for the big man.

The first trade scenario is with the New Orleans Pelicans.

In this deal, Hibbert will be traded in exchange for Eric Gordon or Tyreke Evans.

This will bolster the 2-guard position of the Pacers while Hibbert could serve as Asik’s replacement in case he leaves via free agency.

Trade scenario number two is with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Hibbert will be dealt for O.J.

Mayo and Tyler Ennis.

Same with the first scenario, both teams will improve the positions they are sorely lacking.

Lastly, it will be Hibbert in exchange for Portland’s Arron Afflalo and Chris Kaman.

Although the Blazers already have a solid center in Robin Lopez, The Blazers have been interested with Hibbert since 2012.

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