NBA Trade Rumors: Dion Waiters To New York Knicks? Cleveland Fans Think It’s ‘Time To Go’ For Former Starting Guard! Cavs Admit Rim Protector Needed

The NBA Trade Rumors continue to haunt teams all around the NBA.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been projected to be title favorites but we have yet to see it on a consistent basis.

Perhaps the so-called super team is still under construction-and Dion Waiters is not a part of it.

While he was actually called out in LeBron James’ infamous return letter, Waiters did not seem to be on the same page with his new teammates.

It should be recalled that Waiters was at the center of a perceived locker room skirmish with the team’s point guard, Kyrie Irving.

If he would have a problem with LeBron James, then that is the end of his Cavs’ career.

The Cleveland fans are not waiting that long according to fan blog, Hoops Habit : “Dion Waiters has to go.

At some point.

As the season goes on, he just doesn’t seem to be the right fit for the club.

Even in that recent game against the Wizards, he came in and completely ignored Love on a fast break, instead trying to jam it home over Kevin Seraphin.

Needless to say, Seraphin stuffed the ball back down his throat and that was the end of that.” To be clear, Waiters is not a bad player and he could very well be a starter on many teams.

However, a championship run is not about collecting talent but talent that can work together.

Waiters has lost the favor of their coach and lost his starting position-he even played behind rookie Joe Harris.

It’s better his trade value to address the team’s weakness: “Two things: a defensive center and a defensive wing that can hit three-pointers, the latter often being affectionately referred to as a 3-And-D player.

It’s more difficult for the Cavs to make a trade than it seems though.

Most of their intriguing pieces are signed to deals that make them un-tradable.” The gist of the proposal has Waiters, Tristan Thompson and their first round pick which they got from Miami (from the first time LeBron left Cleveland for the Heat) all going to the Knicks.

In return, they get Samuel Dalembert, Iman Shumpert and Arnett Moultrie.

Dalembert and Shumpert address the defensive needs and the Knicks will enjoy getting a draft pick.

Will a trade like this happen? Who would be considered the winner in this scenario?    

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