NBA Season 2014-15: Philadelphia 76ers The Worst Team Ever? Dallas Mavericks Send Them Two Losses Shy Of All-Time Worst Start!

In the NBA season 2014-15, the clear worst team is the Philadelphia 76ers.

The only question now is whether they are the worst team of all time.

That’s not too far down the road-two more losses and they get the dubious distinction.

The Dallas Mavericks faced a fighting young squad in Philadelphia.

They felt it was a good time to sit Dirk Nowitzki and the gamble paid off.

The Sixers had 13 turnovers in the first half alone.

Despite a rally late in the game, the outcome was the same since the season started.

16 losses tying a franchise record.

ESPN counts down the worst starts ever: “Philadelphia became the fifth team in league history to open with at least 16 straight losses, joining the 1994-95 Clippers (0-16), 1998-99 Clippers (0-17), 1988-89 Heat (0-17) and the 2009-10 Nets (0-18).” “‘I’m fine and I don’t want those guys worrying about any record,’ Philadelphia coach Brett Brown said.

‘We just have to keep our group together and move them along.

I have so much respect for that group because their spirit has not been broken.'” The effort was there on the floor: “Philadelphia, with a roster of draft picks and young, undrafted players, is sacrificing victories to build for the future.

Of the 12 players Brown played versus Dallas, only Luc Mbah a Moute has more than two years of NBA experience.” Coach Brett Brown continues: “We’re heartbroken we haven’t won.

But down deep I feel like I know something that’s going on that I like.

I think they will be rewarded for the work they’re putting in.

I hope it’s sooner than later to validate their efforts.” At least the owners and management are not exerting any pressure.

This is part of the long-term plan.

The team lost their top veterans from last year (Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes) and the team is carried by their draft picks.

Can these young ones be resilient with the losses without breaking their confidence?    

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