NBA Rumors And Predictions: Ray Allen To Washington Wizards? After Cleveland Cavaliers Struggle, Will Jesus Shuttlesworth Choose To Reunite With Paul Pierce Instead Of LeBron?

According to the latest NBA Rumors and predictions, Ray Allen is still interested in a reunion.

However, it may not be with his Miami Heat cohort LeBron James.

We don’t know which championship is more memorable for Ray Allen, but his first one is with the Boston Celtics.

He was part of the Big Three there in 2008 along with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

The three have gone their separate ways with Allen bolting Boston to chase titles with LeBron James.

He did succeed, and in that pursuit he took one of the most memorable shots in basketball history.

Now, he has stayed in shape for one last title run and he must choose his options carefully.

And he is, according to ESPN: “Broussard reports Tuesday that Allen is currently keeping himself in shape in Miami, and that the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards are among the seven teams considering him.  From that list, there are a number of interesting angles and storylines.

Would Allen reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland, as many expected him to do over the summer? Or might he prefer a reunion with Paul Pierce in Washington?  Of course, the Bulls could use his perimeter shooting and the Spurs have their championship formula as a nice sales pitch as well, but we have to think there’s a good chance Allen will wait it out and see which team(s) separate themselves as true championship contenders before he decides on which — if any — he’d like to sign with.” The Cleveland Cavaliers recently beat the Washington Wizards in their showdown against each other and they still remain the frontrunners for Allen’s services.

However, the Cavs are crowded with shooters with ex-Miami gunslingers Mike Miller and James Jones along with the emerging Joe Harris.

With the Wizards, he could be a mentor for Bradley Beal, one of the fastest rising shooting guards in the NBA.

Which one will he choose for his final tour of duty?     

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