NBA Rookies 2014: Joe Harris Is The Pleasant Surprise For Cavs’ Fans! Will He Take The Starting ‘Two’ Guard Spot In Cleveland Cavaliers Rotation?

The NBA Rookies of 2014 are starting to make their presence felt.

The predictions seem right about not having a LeBron James in this batch who will make a major impact right off the gate.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to notice one rookie’s contributions.

The Cavs’ second round pick Joe Harris was a senior from Virginia.

Usually, seniors are not the most esteemed bunch in the NBA, the reasoning is that if they were talented enough, they would have made the jump earlier.

The prevailing belief also affected Harris.

Despite being an ACC Tournament MVP, he fell all the way to the second round-but it seems like the right team for his skills.

The Cleveland Cavaliers just reloaded their big guns with the return of LeBron and they also have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Harris was smart enough to play off their skills.

In fairness to Cleveland, they already had an inkling about Harris as NBC ProBasketball  points out: “Joe Harris was selected with the 33rd overall pick in this year’s draft by the Cavaliers, and while second round picks aren’t owed anything by NBA rule, Harris not only made the team, but was given a two-year, fully guaranteed contract to join the roster.” Coach David Blatt also pats himself on the back for playing Harris: “What do I say about him?” Blatt said.

“Well, I put him in there, so I guess I said everything I had to say about him.

I believe in the kid.”  The Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to jell  and no less than LeBron James has his back: “Joe Harris is going to be a big piece for our team,” LeBron said.

“He’s going to have his rookie mistakes.

We all know that.

But mistakes can be covered when you play hard, and that’s one thing that kid is doing.” Will the endorsement win him the starting spot? The Cavs recently relegated Dion Waiters to the bench and they have grizzled veteran Shawn Marion at the starting ‘two.’ Will that change soon?    

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