NBA Power Rankings: Cleveland Cavaliers Lower Than Miami Heat At Fifteenth Place! Will The Predictions Go Wrong Or Will LeBron James Get His Team Together?

The NBA Power Rankings have been released and by all indications, the Cleveland Cavaliers will take a slide.

But maybe very few would have predicted that they would slide this low–even lower than his former team, the Miami Heat.

The ESPN Power Rankings are released weekly and based on the performance of the past week, teams rise and fall accordingly.

LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to recognize that there really is a problem.

They cannot mention the tired excuse that it’s still too early in the season.

On their assessment that placed the Cavs at no.

15: “No LeBron James team has sported a record this poor after 12 games since his rookie-year Cavs sat at 4-8.

And no team outside the top 10 in defensive efficiency has won it all since the No.

18 Lakers in 2000-01.

So with these Cavs at 5-7 and at No.

26 in DE, good luck preaching patience and calm.” For the record, the Miami Heat are placed at no.


Of course, with a four-game losing streak, there is no way to go but down.

(UPDATE: The Cavs have broken their losing streak with a convincing win over the Orlando Magic) There are lingering problems and LeBron James has actually called his team ‘fragile.’ He elaborates the point with ESPN: “We’re a very fragile team right now.

Well, we were a fragile team from the beginning.

Any little adversity hits us, we just shell up.

That’s something that will come with experience.” However, it is LeBron James who has the most experience in that team in terms of success.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have not even seen the playoffs-the same goes for the rest of the Cavaliers who joined the team after the first LeBron era.

The solution also lies with him.

Will the predictions turn out wrong? There are still more than sixty games but the expectations have been tempered.

The Cavs can still be contenders but it will never be as easy as they thought.


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