NBA Free Agency Rumors: Metta World Peace Returns To NBA Via LA Clippers? Will Former NBA Bad Guy Be Blake Griffin’s ‘Bodyguard?’

The NBA Free Agency Rumors continue through the season as players get injured and teams try to plug holes in the roster.

Players who can bring intangibles to championship contenders can merit a second look.

Metta World Peace can still contribute toughness and maybe some hilarity to any team.

The Los Angeles Clippers is one team aspiring for a championship but most of their success depends on Blake Griffin keeping his head cool in spite of the hard fouls that teams are giving him.

The former dunk champion has hinted that he might reach his limit and fight back.

This is a bleak scenario for Coach Doc Rivers and the Clippers’ fans.

What if Blake loses it during a crucial game? An ejection or a suspension can change the outcome of an entire playoff series.

Last year, it can be recalled that the Memphis Grizzlies had the Oklahoma City Thunder on the ropes until Zach Randolph punched OKC’s Steven Adams in Game 6 of their series.

It resulted in an automatic suspension for Randolph and the Grizzlies lost Game 7 which spelled the end of their season.

The Clippers might need someone to dish out the toughness that other teams are hurling towards Blake as part of their strategy.

That role is nothing new to Metta World Peace.

There was some buzz that the Clippers plan to pluck the former Ron Artest from his Chinese team back to the NBA-specifically for their playoff run.

Tweets from Ben Bolch of the LA Times seemed to dissuade that rumor: “Doc Rivers said a friend mentioned “MWP” and he replied, ‘Who?’ Told it was Metta World Peace, Rivers said, ‘I guess that’s the new rumor.'” Doc Rivers didn’t seem interested in World Peace given reax to rumor.

‘That’s as much as I know about it, let me put it that way,’ he said.” Basketball Insiders traced the rumor from MWP’s brother: This rumor was actually started by Metta World Peace’s brother, Daniel Artest, on his Twitter account.

Earlier this week, Daniel tweeted: ‘Clippers are interested in my brother.

That’s all.'” There probably won’t be any legs to this rumor this early in the season and World Peace is due to stay in China until February when the Chinese Basketball Association season ends.


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