NBA Draft 2016: Is Jakob Poetl The Most Polished Center In This Class? Could Possibly Be A Top 15 Pick

The 2016 NBA Draft is shaping up as another talent-loaded draft class headlined by LSU forward sensation Ben Simmons.
As of the moment, majority of the prospects are guards and forwards per and teams in need of bigs might want to look at 7’1 center, Jakob Poetl from Utah.

The sophomore was supposed to venture in this year’s draft but ultimately decided not to apply when he consulted his coach if he is ready for the big leagues. His coach told him that there is no chance he will last in the league and he needs one more year in college.
Now, Poetl is not regretting his decision as he is now one of the most dominant centers in college basketball right now. In fact, he is projected to be drafted in the top 10 by various draft boards.
“I wanted to improve as a basketball player before I went to the NBA, and then I really like my life and my situation with the basketball program here in Utah,” Poeltl told Bleacher Report . “So it was kind of like a combination of both of them. I didn’t feel 100 percent ready for the NBA, and I felt like it was an even situation for me to stay one more year in Utah to improve and have a better chance to survive in the NBA maybe next year or in the future.”
Asked what his biggest improvements are, he said that his offensive skill set is getting a lot better and he should never be looked at as a defensive presence alone.
“I would still say I’m dominant right hand, but I have developed a couple counters,” Poeltl said. That’s something that I probably didn’t have last year. I wasn’t confident with my left hook. It gives me different options. A team can’t park on my left shoulder anymore, because if you give me the left hook, I’m gonna make it.”

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