NBA Draft 2015: Jahlil Okafor Or Karl-Anthony Towns? Who Should Go #1?

NBA Draft 2015: Jahlil Okafor Or Karl-Anthony Towns? Who Should Go #1?
NBA Draft 2015: Jahlil Okafor Or Karl-Anthony Towns? Who Should Go #1?

Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns have been dominating the one and two spot of the draft boards.

NBA draft analysts Jonathan Wasserman and Adam Lefkoe broke down the game of both prospects via Bleacher Report to determine who the better pick in this year’s draft is.

They rated both prospects in terms of offense, defense, rebounding, basketball IQ, and athleticism.

Offensive Versatility goes to Jahlil Okafor.

According to Wasserman, “he is as polished as any big man we have seen in a while.

From his touch down low, to his footwork, to his back to the basket game, this is a guy who can take over in a half-court set and can demand double-teams from opposing teams.

While Towns has a different skill set, he is not as polished at the moment.” While on the defensive end, Wasserman said “without a question,” it goes to Karl-Anthony Towns.

“He is a more natural defender, has great awareness in the paint, changes and blocks a lot of shots, and his presence alone makes penetrating guards think twice.

Okafor does not have those instincts right now.” In terms of rebounding, Towns walk away as the better rebounder.

“He is physical, a guy who realy goes after it and gets the ball at the highest point while Okafor, although he takes a lot of space, but does not get off the ground that high.

Thus, Towns is the better rebounder.” Wasserman said.

Lefkoe said that both players have both high basketball IQ, but Wasserman went with Jahlil Okafor.

“Okafor just has a great feel for the game especially in that post area where he can easily look for open teammates and he just knows the right play to make.

While Towns a little bit too raw and gets a lot of fouls in 40 minutes.” Lastly, the tie-breaker goes to Karl-Anthony Towns, hands down.

Wasserman believes “he is a terrific athlete, a center who can move to power forward, can play inside and out, runs the floor, jumps higher than Okafor and if he goes #1 that’s because of his athleticism.” Wasserman concluded that he will go with Towns as the first pick as he has the potential to become a two-way star. 

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