‘NBA 2k16’ Cheats, Tips And Tricks For PS4: Compilation Of All Badges And How To Get Them Each

‘NBA 2k16’ Cheats

‘NBA 2k16’ Cheats, Tips And Tricks For PS4: Compilation Of All Badges And How To Get Them Each

For those who are playing MyCareer mode in “NBA 2K16”, here are all “NBA 2K16” cheats tips and tricks gamers can use to acquire all the badges available in the game.

For Offensive inside scoring badges:
Spin Lay-In, regularly double-tap square to perform a spin move jump shot or lay-up.
Hop-Stepper, watch the video below.

For King Of Euros:

For Acrobat:

Tear Dropper:

Hustle Points- get 200 offensive rebounds in a season.

Screen Outlet can be acquired by scoring a basket after setting a teammate for a screen. (ask for a pass then shoot the ball.)
Bank Is Open- Hold both analog sticks toward the direction of the basket.
Relentless Finisher: Finish lay-ups with contact from opponents.
Post Spin Technician: Keep holding L2 then let go.

Post Hoperator and Post Stepback Pro

Dream-Like Up And Under:

Post Hook Specialist:



Corner Specialist: Shoot 3-pointers in the corner.
Deadeye: Shoot contested jumpers.

Limitless Range: Keep shooting 3-pointers which is a bit farther.
Fade Ace: Try making a jump shot with a defender in front of you.
Shot Creator: try stepback jumpers and spin move jump shots.
 Killer Crossover,(Move analog left or right)
 Spin Kingpin, (Rotate Analog In various directions)
Behind The Back Pro,(Move analog away from basket while driving)
Stepback Freeze (Move analog away from basket),
 Hesitation Stunner,

Master Of In And Out: Continuously perform dribble moves and gamers will eventually get this batch.
Pet Move Size-Up: Hold RT+ Flick Right Stick Up
Flashy Passer – Double-tap square while holding left stick towards a teammate.
Break Starter: Throw outlet passes
Pick & Roll Maestro: Call for picks (LB/R1).
Lob City Passer: Press YY (Or Triangle, Triangle) to throw alley-oop passes.
Dimer: Get 200 assists in around 20 games.
Perimeter & Post Lockdown Defender: Increase defensive level to 16 and try to get good shot defense, steals and blocks every time.
Charge Card: Draw 7 charges.
Pick Dodger:
Interceptor: done best when opponent throws cross court passes.
Pick Pocket: Keep on stealing from opponents.
Eraser: block certain amount of shots.
Chase Down Artist: Chase opponents on fastbreak.
 Lob City Finisher: Y+Y can also be used to call for an Alley.
 POSTERIZER: 15 Contact Dunks are required,
BRUISER:Athleticism level 16 is required.
BRICK WALL: Set teammates for screens.
One Man Fast Break and Transition Finisher: Repetitively score off the fast break.
Rebounding (No Tenacious Rebounder this time)
Scrapper: score immediately after offensive rebounds.
Defensive Crasher: Received after reaching certain amount of defensive rebounds.
Offensive Crasher: Received after reaching certain amount of offensive rebounds.

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