NBA 2015 Draft: Jahlil Okafor Is The Next Tim Duncan? Duke Blue Devil Is Frontrunner For First Overall Pick! Philadelphia 76ers Ready To Trade Noel Or Embiid If They Draft Him!

The NBA 2015 Draft is seven months away and the college basketball season barely started but it’s never too early.

And if you ask the Philadelphia 76ers, they are already anticipating the possibilities.

Of course, the goal is to get the first overall pick.

However, the lowly Philadelphia 76ers, of all teams, have a luxury at center (at least when Joel Embiid plays) and the projected top pick is a center as well.

Jahlil Okafor of Duke is the consensus no.

1 at this point and he has done everything to fortify that hold.

If Philly succeeds in tanking, will they follow the Orlando Magic in 1993 and trade Okafor for a lower pick (possibly Emmanuel Mudiay)? Zagsblog says no: “But several NBA sources said Philly could easily trade one of their current bigs if they opt to draft Okafor at No.

1 (assuming they get the No.

1 pick).

‘They will probably trade one of the bigs they currently have instead of Okafor,’ one NBA source said.

Or the Sixers could trade the pick itself for more assets. After all, they need just about everything.” Why would they trade Nerlens Noel or Joel Embiid for a younger, incoming rookie? Well, Okafor has drawn comparisons to a game changer-specifically Tim Duncan.

Duke University and Team USA head coach says of his prized freshman:  “There’s really not anything Jah should not be able to do eventually.

He’s not there yet, he’s a young kid still, but he has all of it.” Former college hero and Charlotte Hornets starting point guard watched Okafor and was impressed: “I like the way he plays.

So far he gets great position on the offensive end.

He has great pace, nice touch, nice hands.

I think he will be good.

Of course, he has to get a lot stronger and adjust to the NBA game.” Will he become the top pick: “Yeah, I can see that.

I still think he has some developing to do but he’s young.

I think he has a lot of potential.” There will be a renaissance of big men in the NBA.

Noel and Embiid are there but perhaps the biggest name could actually be Jahlil Okafor.


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