NBA 2014-15 Season: Denver Nuggets To Fire Brian Shaw? Dismal Season Will Have The Coach As The Fall Guy!

The Denver Nuggets were expected to be a rejuvenated team in the NBA 2014-15 season.

With the newly minted star Kenneth Faried fresh from a spectacular stint with Team USA and Brian Shaw getting more time with the team, they were foreseen to rock the Western Conference boat.

It seems like the team just took Murphy’s Law to heart as everything that could go wrong actually did.

Now there are rumors floating about that Nuggets’ head coach Brian Shaw is feuding with the team’s leaders specifically Faried and Ty Lawson.

Shaw is a relative newbie as a head coach but he has been in the league as a player and an assistant coach for far too long to know how this story ends.

From the Denver Post , he has actually talked about his ouster as their local sports journalists recall: “I’ve done interviews with NBA coaches for 30 years.

And I’ve never heard a coach talk so frankly about the possibility of his dismissal so early in a season, as Shaw did when he told me his ‘head is the one that’s going to be on the guillotine’ if the Nuggets don’t improve quickly.” That sounds terribly unfair but that is an accurate assessment of what really goes on in the NBA.

To further illustrate: “There’s no way [owner Stan] Kroenke likes the idea of firing Shaw without giving a fair amount of time for a new coach’s system to succeed.

But here are the key questions: Do the players have this coach’s back? Do they trust him? I’m not sure Shaw and forward Kenneth Faried can coexist in the long run.”  And now the fans are also sold: “The fans in Denver who still care about the Nuggets are ticked.

They – gulp – compare Shaw to Josh McDaniels, the greatest disaster in recent Broncos history.

General manager Tim Connelly honestly expected this team could make the playoffs.

If the Nuggets are in last place when January arrives, I frankly doubt Shaw can survive as coach.

Anybody have a phone number for Chauncey Billups?” The retired Billups just quit from pro ball-just like Derek Fisher of the New York Knicks whom the Nuggets will face today.

Both teams are struggling with just two wins apiece.


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