NARAL Pro Choice America’s New Campaign Targets Three Republican Governors For Their Anti Abortion Records; Questions Why Anti Choice Agenda Has Been Prioritized Over Other Important Issues [PHOTO]

Lobbying group NARAL Pro-Choice America has recently launched a campaign targeting three Republican GOP Governors this election season by questioning why their anti-choice agenda has been prioritized.

The targeted governors include Florida’s Rick Scott, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, and Kansas’ Sam Brownback.

According to CL Tampa , the lobbying group is using mail, online ads, and phone calls to question why the governors have made their anti-choice agendas “a priority above the economic interests voters elected them to address.” Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Campaigns for NARAL Pro-Choice America stated , “7 in 10 voters support a woman’s right to choose and yet, despite the longstanding need for attention to the economic conditions in all three of these states, these Governors have spent a substantial part of their terms figuring out how to deny women access to vital health care.

We know the more voters learn not only about their extreme positions but, equally as important, also their misplaced priorities, they are less likely to support them.

From now until Election Day we’ll be reminding voters in these key states about what their governors have cost them.” The Huffington Post reports that Brownback, Walker, and Scott have each signed bills in the last few years that limited access to abortion, mandated ultrasounds before abortions, or slashed funding to family planning providers.

Furthermore, Walker’s funding cuts to Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin have caused five clinics to close down.

NARAL’s new campaign is based on the messaging strategy that helped to defeat Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican former attorney general of Virginia, in his bid for governor of Virginia in 2013.  The ad they ran during his campaign pictured Cuccinelli as being out of touch for prioritizing what they called a “dangerous anti-choice agenda that undercut the economic security of the state’s women and families.” As a result, women voters turned out in large numbers to support Cuccinelli’s Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe.


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