Nana Puts On Darker, Edgier Image for Harper’s Bazaar

Nana Puts On Darker
Nana Puts On Darker

  After School’s Nana completely ditched her city slicker vibe in this fashion-forward shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

For this photo shoot, which seems darker than all others Nana has done so far, has the singer throw on thick eyebrows and mullet bangs.

The singer looks very different (but in a good way!) and is nearly identifiable.

For the love of fashion, other than changing her looks, Nana sported layers of clothing to fit the cold winter season.

She mixed sporty and feminine clothes to make for very edgy overall outfits.

The clothes are straight from COMING STEP’s 2014 F/W collection! Her overall look is very rock and roll, high-fashion, and eccentric, and edgy at the same time.

A representative of COMING STEP praised Nana for her professionalism during the shoot.

The brand rep said, “Even though her schedule is packed, Nana came to the shoot without an ounce of weariness.

It was an overall enjoyable shoot.

She was really able to represent the brand’s unique image and concept and bring it to life with her cool and chic bravado.” See more of Nana’s photo shoot in Harper Bazaar’s October issue as well as COMING STEP’s official website.


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