Nana Is One Gorgeous Babe In June Issue Of ONE Magazine

Nana Is One Gorgeous Babe In June Issue Of ONE Magazine
Nana Is One Gorgeous Babe In June Issue Of ONE Magazine

After School’s Nana once again wows us in her breathtaking photo shoot with ONE magazine.

The long-legged beauty dressed to the nines in this summer-themed photo shoot.

Like the professional that she is, Nana didn’t disappoint as she confidently projected model-like poses and present various charms that well suited the plethora of outfits she was made to wear.

She goes from surfer babe to street chic fashionista.

Nana can do no wrong; this girl can work every outfit she puts on.

Among all the looks, a particular favorite is this beautiful blue maxi dress.

The electric blue color brings out Nana’s healthy white glow and naturally contrasts her red lips and nails.

She looks very goddess-like in this pic as she stands statuesque and elegant.

Another favorite is this off-shoulder eyelet long top.

This is a great piece to usher in the warmer summer season.

It’s very feminine and it’s very light.

Nana’s color matching is really on point with this one as the blue tones in her outfits just match together perfectly.

In the accompanying interview Nana talked about his good friend Lee Jong Suk.

These two adorable stars are being referred to as celebrity twins due to their seemingly similar features.

“I always receive comments saying I look like Lee Jong Suk.

I think it would be fun if we played siblings in an acting project.

They say when a couple is in love, they eventually start to resemble one another.

That said, I think [Lee Jong Suk and I] would also work well in a romance film,” Nana said enthusiastically.

Two gorgeous acts in one movie? Perhaps we should make way for the new visual couple, if ever.

In the meantime, Nana was recently cast in the upcoming Chinese drama “Love Weaves Through A Millenium” which the idol actor describes as a “dream come true”.

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