“Namoo Actors” Absorbs Jaekyung ; New Acting and Advertising Projects are in the can

Namoo Actors Absorbs  Jaekyung ; New Acting and Advertising Projects are in the can

When one door closes, another one opens. It looks like no one can flick the stars to fly high for Jaekyung. She recently inked a contract with Namoo Actors who announced a very welcoming statement vouching for a responsible and secure ward fitted to be a member of the acting organization. The new company relayed the message to the actress’ followers by stating that they will be working vigorously to get Jaek Yung reach her potential. They went further by stating that the partnership will help Jaekyun hone her talent in performing as well as advertisings projects. 
Many followers will remember her in a lip balm commercial where she was selected because of her refreshing image and influential beauty, the very same traits she will definitely utilize in the assignments she will be embarking on. According to askkpop  t he Rainbow girls disbanded in October 2016 after seven years of performing together. When their contract expired, each of the team members decided not to renew. Each of them went their separate ways to pursue their singing, acting and hosting careers. Jaek young now belongs to a management that maneuvers Kim Joo, Hyuk Jun Ki, Geun Young, Kim Joo Hyuk, Moon Geun, and Kim So Yeon as per soompi . What are her chances of success as an actor under this management?
There is a good streak of acting career at its best with her getting a new handler. For one, a new contract is built on trust and a belief in her as a talent. Armed with this, Jaekyung has an easy ride towards the new project. Her journal of past acting achievements is not wanting. She played unforgettable parts in a roster of dramas that comprise her repertoire. She’s so fetching in Noble My Life, Monster, family, The Dramatic that  are listed in her acting beat for the past years. With a running list of past projects, the actress can very well pit acting prowess with the team members who are ahead of her in Namoo Actors. Jaekyung belongs to the former Rainbow girl group under DSP in 2009. The girls were known as Kara’s sister company affilates. Their climb to the charts came when their song ‘ A’ became a bill board success.  

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