Namgoong Min Confirmed To Star In SBS Legal Drama ‘Fabrication’

Namgoong Min Confirmed To Star In SBS Legal Drama 'Fabrication'

Namgoong Min Confirmed To Star In SBS Legal Drama 'Fabrication'

Fresh from the success of workplace drama Chief Kim, Namgoong Min has confirmed that he will be starring in a legal drama “Fabrication”. The new series is expected to show a different and more serious sideto his acting. According to a report by Soompi , Namgoong Min was very careful in choosing his new project after his last project “Chief Kim” was positively received by audience and critics alike. It also posted consistently strong ratings that averaged 15.9 percent on AGB Nielsen and 14 percent for TnMS. “Chief Kim” performed much higher in the Seoul region averaging 16.1 percent and 15.1 percent respectively.
The show has also been praised for introducing viewers to Namgoong Min’s ability to lead the show and its ragtag bunch of characters straight to viewers hearts. Prior to Chief Kim, Namgoong Min also appeared in dramas like “Beautiful Gong Shim”, “Doctors” and “The Girl Who Sees Smells.” Namgoong Min’s next project will be very different from “Chief Kim” and his other recent projects. “Fabrication” will tackle the more serious issue of corruption in society. According to early descriptions of the series, “Fabrication” will revolve around reporter who uncover incidents of corruption.   Namgoong Min will reportedly play the role of a reporter who only became a journalist to get revenge for his brother, a reporter who was killed while investigating a case of corruption. According to Namgoong Min’s agency, the actor wants to do well with the role and is already doing initial work to study the part. “Fabrication” is expected to start filming in May and air on SBS. Namgoong Min’s legal drama is expected to air in July to replace the upcoming “My Sassy Girl” reboot which will begin airing next month. No further details have been reported about “Fabrication” and it remains a surprise who will star opposite Namgoong Min for the exciting new series.     

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