Nam Joo Hyuk’s Awesome Power in “Bride of the Water God” Teaser!

Nam Joo Hyuk's Awesome Power in "Bride of the Water God" Teaser!

Nam Joo Hyuk's Awesome Power in

Nam Joo Hyuk protects Shin Se Kyung from rain in the new teaser of tvN’s upcoming drama, “Bride of the Water God!” This teaser features Habaek and Soah walking in a flower meadow, when it suddenly starts to downpour rain. When two people are on a date and it starts raining out of nowhere and there is no umbrella, the boyfriend will probably cover the girl with his jacket as they run to the nearest building. However, Haebaek has no need for that. As king of the Water Kingdom, Habaek has the ability to create a barrier to protect his woman! Look forward to seeing what other abilities Habaek has in store for us! “Bride of the Water God” airs its first episode July 3 rd  on channel tvN. Check out the teaser video below and keep following KpopStarz for the latest updates about your favorite Korean entertainment stars.
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