‘Mythbusters’ Cancelled 2015 For Good: Hosts And Creators Creating A New Show?

'Mythbusters' Cancelled 2015 For Good: Hosts And Creators Creating A New Show?

'Mythbusters' Cancelled 2015 For Good: Hosts And Creators Creating A New Show?

Discovery channel’s most top rated TV series has officially announced its end. “Mythbusters” has been cancelled and 2015 will be the year that will showcase the show’s final season.
In an interview with  Entertainment Weekly , the show’s hosts and creators, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman spoke up about why they decided to pull the plug after 14 successful seasons.

“Every show has its bell curve,” they said. “We’re cognizant of our ratings. It’s not like they were terrible, but we could see them changing. Three or four years ago we started wondering more if we were going to be renewed.”
“It’s not like it’s unexpected,” the duo added. “Still it was kind of amazing that it happened. The thing that really makes me happy is most cable shows like ours just end.
Moreso, they added that all shows go past their “freshness” stage.
“They get past their freshness date, you finish a season and then you hear you’ll never see another one,” said the show’s hosts. “I truly thought that’s the way Mythbusters would end. We’ve been filming the last season this year and we get to send it off. We get to pay homage to this thing that’s changed our lives.” 
To add to the news of the cancelled show for 2015, the two “Mythbusters” hosts revealed that the decision to pull the plug began with them.
“We’re executive producers on the show and have been for awhile,” they said. “So we were part of that decision. We felt like we’ve had really strong material for the whole run. It’s been 14 years and its just time. We want to go out on a strong point.”
“There’s an emphasis on looking back, we could do a PhD dissertation on the things we’re tackling,” they added. “We’ve tried to go as deeply as possible into the things we’re doing, and gave them the respect and care they deserve.” 
The news about “Mythbusters” being cancelled for 2015 has become viral since the interview went public.

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