MYNAME Releases Track List For ‘Just Say It’ Comeback

MYNAME Releases Track List For 'Just Say It' Comeback
MYNAME Releases Track List For 'Just Say It' Comeback


  Boy band MYNAME started the countdown for their comeback.

On May 5th, MYNAME’s agency H2 Media released the track list for their 4th single album Just Say It and foreshadowed the comeback.

The list included the title track “Just Say It,” as well as “Get Ready,” “I Love You, My Girl,” “OOPARTS,” and “I Must Not Have Slept Well.” “Just Say It” will feature an addicting melody created by a blend of hip-hop and trap beats, and its lyrics will be made up of playful complaints made by a man who is still clumsy at love.

Composer Kim Geun Woo and producing team 220VOLT participated in making this new album to create a unique, MYNAME’s style of music.

It is reported that “I Love You, My Girl” was included in the album because of the group’s strong proposal to dedicate a song to their fans.

In the track, MYNAME will sing gratitude and love for their fans.

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