‘My Sassy Girl’ 2017: Here’s Everything We Know About The SBS’ Reboot!

'My Sassy Girl' 2017: Here's Everything We Know About The SBS' Reboot!

'My Sassy Girl' 2017: Here's Everything We Know About The SBS' Reboot!

SBS is rebooting the “My Sassy Girl” franchise and is putting a new twist to it as it begins production on a full length Korean drama based on the 2001 hit movie starring Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun. SBS has greenlighted the project after much fanfare and controversy but now that the glitches have been ironed out, its well on its way to producing yet another potential hit featuring Korean idol Joo Won. From the casting to the air date and the plot, we’ve got you covered. Here’s all the stuff we know about the drama so far.
The casting process ran into some glitches.  After opening a massive “online public audition” to find the perfect girl as the lead star, resulting in the casting of Kim Hyun Joo, SBS chose to replace the actress with “Shine or Go Crazy’s” Oh Yeon Seo, who is a more experienced actress compared to the first choice. The network explained that they did not authorize the earlier audition and found some inconsistencies with the selection process, making it unfair for other actors who tried out for the part. The network cited that this was the reason they chose to nullify the results of the public online audition for “My Sassy Girl,” reported All Kpop . Its going to be a period drama.  Unlike the 2001 contemporary hit, the My Sassy Girl reboot will take place in the Joseon Dynasty and will feature Joo-Won as a Gyun Woo, a brilliant scjolar who has a bit of an attitude because he is generally adored by people. Oh Yeon Seo will play Princess Hyemyung, a feisty, strong willed royal who will butt heads with Gyun Woo. Lee Jung Shin, on the other hand, will play a charming aristocrat who will vie for the heart of the female lead. Strong male leads.  “My Sassy Girl” cast Joo Won, fresh from the success of his drama “Yong-Pal” as the male lead while “Cinderella and the Four Knights” cutie Lee Jung Shin will be starring in his first period drama. The CN Blue bassist is expected to make hearts flutter as he dons his traditional Korean costume for his new role in “My Sassy Girl,” according to a Drama Fever  update. It will be aired in May.  “My Sassy Girl” has a couple of months before it goes on air this spring. It is set to replace “Whisper” for the SBS Monday & Tuesday 10 pm timeslot. Joo Won wants you to watch.  Lead actor Joo won recently took a break from “My Sassy Girl’s” poster shoot to send a video through Naver’s V App and shared his love for the fans. He invited them to watch the new show when it comes out and wooed them with finger hearts and his adorable smile. The show is produced by SBS, reported Drama Beans .

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