‘My Love Story’ Or ‘Ore Monogatari’ Anime Episode 8 Review: Suna’s Life

'My Love Story' Or 'Ore Monogatari' Anime Episode 8 Review: Suna's Life
'My Love Story' Or 'Ore Monogatari' Anime Episode 8 Review: Suna's Life

“My Friend” Subverting genre stereotypes can prove to be problematic for viewers.

This is perhaps why every horrible act committed in “Game of Thrones” is considered blasphemy and unnecessary.

But the good thing about “My Love Story,” is that the subversion is in a lighthearted genre that is both refreshing and easy to digest.

This week’s episode takes fans into the interior life of somewhat periphery character, Sunakawa Makoto.

The character is the truest form of a stoic, which is normal for people who aren’t used to expressing that much emotion, but could be frustrating for say, Takeo, who is full of energy.

But thankfully because Takeo is the kind of character that is full of empathy and energy (with a hint of absent-mindedness) the situation with this week’s episode a learning experience for both him and the audience.

This week’s episode allows the audience to peek into the somewhat expressionless Suna, who has his first extreme reaction when Takeo wants to sacrifice his date with Yamato to support him.

There may have been doubts about his character’s empathy, since he spends a good deal laughing at Takeo.

But the fact that he desires for his friend’s happiness above all is the absolute truth some may have needed to believe in his goodness.

Even so, the focus on Suna was a nice break from all the cuteness between Takeo and Yamato.

In fact, “My Love Story’s” ability to give extremely in depth characterizations is one of the reasons that it is one of the best anime series this season.

Overall, this week’s episode of “My Love Story” was a step into yet another character’s interior life with a strong balance of comedy and drama.

While the focus was not on the main couple as much as other episodes, it was still a well-executed exploration of the emotions involved in interpersonal relationships.     

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