‘My Love Story’ Or ‘Ore Monogatari’ Anime Episode 6 Review: The Beauty And Strength Of Yamato

'My Love Story' Or 'Ore Monogatari' Anime Episode 6 Review: The Beauty And Strength Of Yamato
'My Love Story' Or 'Ore Monogatari' Anime Episode 6 Review: The Beauty And Strength Of Yamato

  Episode 6 “My Wish” What is there to not like about “Ore Monogatari?” It is almost hard to review this anime series objectively because of how likeable the premise, story, and characters are.

Even though I was not so incredibly interested in Ai’s storyline of figuring out her feelings for Takeo, the arc was still executed well.

It’s worth noting that even though my first romantic experience was vastly different than that of Takeo and Yamato’s, the emotions both characters display are universal.

This week I was specifically taken by the expression of Yamato’s anxiety.

Firstly, her anxiety is a subversion of expectations since usually it is the male lead suffering from uncertainty about their actions.

The most recent series I can think of that successfully executes this approach is perhaps “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.” Secondly (and most importantly), her anxiety is about something that is pretty much unheard of – lacking a pure image.

The fact that Yamato is the one who wants to push their relationship into a physical closeness is amazing.

What’s amazing is that no one other than her has a problem with this behavior, which is at its core an endorsement of male and female relationship role reversal.

That is to say, I love the idea that Yamato is pushing the relationship forward as women can and often do.

Other than this brief moment of female empowerment, there is a hilarious gag at the end of the episode in which Takeo proves that he himself really is comfortable with his sexuality.

It seems to be heavy for such a light-hearted series, but using comedy as a medium makes it much easier to swallow.

Not to mention, Suna’s reaction is amazingly funny.

Overall, this week’s episode of “My Love Story” once again proves the series’ greatness through its simple yet enriched structure and its amazingly well-rounded characters.

Even if there is a portion or character in this series that you’re not privy to, you may find yourself still unable to truly criticize it because it really is a matter of taste.


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