‘Music Core’ Showreel: Kyuhyun Wins On The November 22, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

'Music Core' Showreel: Kyuhyun Wins On The November 22
'Music Core' Showreel: Kyuhyun Wins On The November 22

MBC’s ‘Music Core’ is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols.

Great stage setting, fan chants, and comebacks were seen and heard yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were Hyolyn & Joo Young with “Erase,” Apink are in “LUV,” GOT7 said, “Stop Stop It,” MAMAMOO are in love with a “Piano Man,” HALO said “Come On Now,” Hello Venus are “Sticky Sticky” for their return on the music show, and former KARA member Nicole made her solo debut with “Mama.” Your nominees for the night were AOA, Kyuhyun, and HI SUNHYUN as they battled for the first place trophy.

The winner for the November 22nd episode was Super Junior’s Kyuhyun for his single titled, “At Gwanghwamun.” Congratulations to him! All this being said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps Hyolyn & Joo Young Hyolyn and Joo Young sang their smooth R&B single titled, “Erase.” The two made their hot debut as a duet.

Hyolyn and Joo Young showed their great chemistry on stage.

Joo Young is still a little nervous; though he will be fine and comfortable performing with Hyolyn next week.

One viewer named JENNIEE09 commented, “Jooyoung has seemed more nervous in the past two performances, but I’m sure he’ll be fine by next week! Love the song and the chemistry between Hyolyn and Jooyoung.

Haven’t seen two artists have such natural chemistry in a really long time.” Iron showed his amazing rapping skills; which is good that he is featured with this two because it blends well with the meaning of the song.

GOT7 The boys of JYP Entertainment GOT7 said “Gimme” your love; which in return, the guys will show you their charm and charisma.

The guys made their comeback and sang two singles on the music show yesterday.

GOT7 sang “Gimme” and “Stop Stop It.” GOT7 are making the ladies scream each time they perform on stage.

GOT7 are getting better and performing with lots of charisma for their fans.

The members are rocking the black leather outfits.

Apink Apink made their comeback on ‘Music Core’ yesterday.

Apink sang two of their singles which were “Secret” and “LUV.” The ladies are serious and not smiling compared to their previous singles such as “NoNoNo” and “Mr.Chu.” The males in the audience fan chanted their names; which was clearly heard yesterday.

Apink are not disappointing their Pink Panda (Apink) fans.

They are showing that they do not have to show sexy to be sexy.

Apink are doing a great job with this concept.

Nicole Nicole made her hot solo debut as she sang her new single titled, “Mama.” Her choreography is powerful as she shows the meaning of the song.

Nicole wore a nice black leather outfit for her performance.

The outfit can be modified because her song is not hip hop.

Though, she knows how to act sexy on stage; which the audience are loving.

MAMAMOO MAMAMOO knows how to get the crowd going because their stage presence is just fantastic.

MAMAMOO are in love with a “Piano Man” as they made their comeback on the music program yesterday.

MAMAMOO wore white colored suits for their performance.

The members are sexy, confident, classy, and talented.

MAMAMOO are going to go far and will gain more fans.

MAMAMOO are performing great and entertaining the audience.

Hello Venus Since Hello Venus is performing for the first time on ‘Music Core,’ it was considered their comeback.

Hello Venus wore a sexy leopard shirt and tight leather pants.

Hello Venus sang their sexy new single titled, “Sticky Sticky.” The ladies are doing a great job as they entertain the audience.

The males cannot control themselves because screams and fan chants are heard each time they perform on stage.

HALO HALO made their comeback on the music program yesterday.

The guys sang their new single titled, “Come On Now.” While they were performing, the guys received fan chants from the females.

HALO’s performance was cut yesterday.

AOA AOA sang their hit single titled, “Like A Cat” and wore leather outfits for their performance.

Looks like AOA is going to promote their new song without Mina as she is currently filming on her new drama.

AOA are being nominated; though Kyuhyun has more fans compared to the angels.

AOA are doing a great job with promotions and entertaining the fans as they dance smoothly “Like A Cat.” Lovelyz Lovelyz wore a light green colored blazer and skirt as they sang their single titled, “Candy Jelly Love.” Lovelyz are doing a great job as they received fan chants from the audience.

B.I.G B.I.G said, “Are You Ready” as they performed their new single to the audience.

The guys are performing with lots of energy and grooving each week.

Topp Dogg Topp Dogg had their performance cut as they sang their new single titled, “Annie.” Though their performance was cut, Topp Dogg entertained the audience with their old school red discs.

HOTSHOT HOTSHOT said, “Take a Shot” as they did a great job of entertaining the audience.

Once again, due to them being an underrated group, their performance was cut.

Other performances were from Boys Republic, TL Crow, JL, and Yoon Hyun Sang.

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