‘Music Core’ Showreel: EXO Wins On The April 25, 2015 Episode + Performance Recap

'Music Core' Showreel: EXO Wins On The April 25
'Music Core' Showreel: EXO Wins On The April 25

MBC’s Music Core  is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars.

Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on the April 25 episode.

The stars who made their comeback were UNIQ with “EOEO,” Park Bo Ram made her return with “I Want to Date,” A.cian are “Driving” for their comeback, MR.MR with “Out,” hip hop trio group Rubber Soul with “Lonely Friday,” Oh My Girl made their debut with “Cupid,” HOTSHOT said “Watch Out,” Fromm with “Aftermath,” and So Yumi said “Shake Me Up.” Your nominees for the April 25 episode were EXID, J.Y.

Park, and EXO as they battled for the first place trophy.

The winner was EXO for their single titled, “Call Me Baby.” Congratulations to EXO.

This being said, here are the performances that were seen on the April 25 episode.

Performances From The April 25 Episode EXO; “Call Me Baby”   EXO sang their hit single titled, “Call Me Baby” and showcased their amazing vocals on April 25.

With all that is going on within the group, EXO are putting it aside and focusing on promotions.

EXO fans are showing their love and support as they continue screaming while the guys perform on stage.

EXID; “Ah Yeah”   Music Core  allowed the people in the audience to record EXID’s amazing performance on April 25.

The ladies sang their hit single titled, “Ah Yeah.” Once again, loud male fan chants were heard while EXID performed.

EXID was up for nomination to win a first place trophy.

Though, they did not win due to EXO’s amazing popularity.

EXID fans are going to keep voting as they want their group to win a trophy for their new single.

Fromm; “Aftermath” Talented indie artist Fromm sang her new single titled, “Aftermath” on the April 25 episode.

On her music video, NU’EST’s Minhyun is featured as he showcases his great voice.

Both match with their unique and soothing voice; which creates a perfect harmony.

The audience enjoyed their performance.

MR.MR; “Out”   With Jaemin and Sanghyun being part of male group MR.MR, the guys are back with a new R&B single titled, “Out.” The message of the song is about a guy who tries to win the love of a woman.

The guys performed with lots of charisma and entertained their fans on April 25.

The guys looked great as they wore black colored suits for their performance.

“I REALLY like this song!!!!!,” wrote YouTube viewer Richie Rich in a comment posted on the website Saturday.

A.cian; “Driving” A.cian are going to have a great picnic as they made their comeback on April 25.

A.cian’s new single is titled, “Driving”; which the members showed their smooth choreography.

The audience enjoyed their performance because loud fan chants were heard while the guys performed.

Each of the members has improved on their vocals.

“I really like the song.

The MV is coming out on Monday.

Oh the fanchants are giving me chills.

Fighting A.CIAN,” wrote YouTube viewer Kim Sparkle in a comment posted on the website Saturday.

So Yumi; “Shake Me Up” So Yumi is adding trot and dance as she made her hot debut on the April 25 episode.

Her single titled, “Shake Me Up” is upbeat and one that combines both Lizzy and NC.A together.

The song is fresh and bright; which the audience liked because fan chants were heard while So Yumi performed.

Lovelyz; “Joyland” Lovelyz are taking a break from promoting their main single titled, “Hi.” Instead, the ladies are bringing happiness as they promote their second single titled, “Joyland.” The ladies wore an adorable outfit for their performance; which was a yellow colored long shirt and white skirt.

NC.A; “Cinderella Time”   NC.A looked like Cinderella as she sang her beautiful new single titled, “Cinderella Time.” The audience enjoyed her performance as she showcased her beautiful voice.

NC.A is all grown up; which she is putting aside her cute concepts.

Oh My Girl; “Cupid”   Female group Oh My Girl made their debut on the April 25 episode.

The ladies sang their single titled, “Cupid.” The ladies showcased their amazing voices and entertained the audience.

The single is composed by producer Shin Hyuk and the lyrics were written by Kim Yi Na.

The song is refreshing and perfect for the spring season.

UNIQ; “EOEO”   UNIQ are back and made their comeback on the April 25 episode.

Their new single titled, “EOEO” is a seductive new song; which showcases the guys strong choreography.

UNIQ are all grown up as they showed charisma and a tough image.

The audience enjoyed their comeback performance.

Loud female screams were heard while the guys performed.

“Love the fanchants!!! Glad they are getting recognized!!! Love that they didnt have to change the lyrics! LOVE THE CAM WORK FOR ONCE!!!! HWAITING UNIQ!!!!,” wrote YouTube viewer Dramacrazed22 in a comment posted on the website Saturday.

Park Bo Ram; “I Want to Date” Rubber Soul; “Lonely Friday”   HOTSHOT; “Watch Out” M&D; “I Wish” Dal Shabet; “Joker” The Ark; “The Light” LABOUM; “Sugar Sugar”   Park Si Hwan; “Dessert”   Shin Ji Soo; “Hey Jude”

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