‘Music Bank’ Highlights: TEEN TOP Wins #1 On The September 26, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

'Music Bank' Highlights: TEEN TOP Wins #1 On The September 26
'Music Bank' Highlights: TEEN TOP Wins #1 On The September 26

Another week of ‘Music Bank’ is here and featured some of your favorite K-Pop idols.

Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on yesterday’s episode.

The stars who made their comeback were TaeTiSeo with “Holler,” Urban Zakapa and Soyou with “The Space Between,” great singer Ailee said, “Don’t Touch Me” for her return, and MINX made their debut with “Why Did You Come to My House.” The nominees for the September 26th episode were TEEN TOP and 2PM.

The winner was TEEN TOP for their single “Missing.” Congratulations to them! All that being said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps Ailee Every time an hour passes by on the clock, Ailee is getting “Love Sick.” This was her first performance yesterday.

Ailee has such a fantastic voice and can control her voice when it comes to low and high notes.

She wore a nice dress for this performance.

Ailee also performed her new single titled, “Don’t Touch Me” yesterday.

TaeTiSeo “Adrenaline” was pumping in Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun as they wore black leather outfits for their first performance.

After their first performance, the ladies wore a beautiful white outfit for “Holler.” The song ranks number nine on ‘Music Bank’ this week.

Like always, the audience were fan chanting.

TaeTiSeo was not nominated due to ‘Music Bank’ being canceled last week.

This is why their performance was a comeback yesterday.

2PM After 2PM is done with promotions, the guys are not going to be known as beastly idols.

Instead, they will be known as crazy idols.

2PM performed their party rock anthem single titled, “Go Crazy.” Jun.

K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung are bringing something crazier each time they perform.

Though they were nominated, unfortunately 2PM did not win the first place trophy.

2PM will get crazier each day they perform to keep the audience entertained.

Do you think 2PM will be known as crazy idols after this promotion? TEEN TOP TEEN TOP charmed the audience with their soft voices and handsome looks on ‘Music Bank’ yesterday.

C.A.P, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo performed their smooth tempo single titled, “Missing.” Looking great in black suits, women will definitely scream for TEEN TOP.

Congratulations to them once again on winning their second first place trophy.

MINX MINX performed their single titled, “Why Did You Come to My House” yesterday on ‘Music Bank.’ While their performance was cut a little, the ladies did a great job.

MINX are looking so far a great debut group.

They have such great vocals.

You better have a good reason to come inside JiYoo, SooAh, YooHyun, DaMi, and SiYeon house or they are going to keep asking “Why Did You Come to My House?” SPICA.S Juhyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung entertained the audience as they performed their sexy single titled, “Give Your Luv.” The members are known as SPICA.S; which they wore a gorgeous pink outfit for their performance.

Each of the members has great vocals and a nice body.

SPICA.S is doing a great job with promotions.

T-ara T-ara performed their club style single titled, “Sugar Free.” The camera person did a fantastic job with close ups and zoom in’s while they were performing.

The members wore various outfits for their performance.

From ripped jeans to shiny shirts, T-ara knows what to wear when going to a club.

“Sugar Free” ranks number twelve this week.

BTS For the last two days, BTS is going to be sending lots of love to their fans because their promotions for “Danger” ends on Sunday.

BTS wore nice blue leather jackets and black pants for their performance.

BTS is going to end strong and will perform with lots of energy for the last two days.

GilMe Entering the stage was GilMe as she said, “My Turn” yesterday on ‘Music Bank.’ GilMe has a great hip hop song that is going to hit you in two turns.

She has great a voice and can rap very well.

The audience screamed after her performance was done.

She wore a leopard and black colored outfit for her performance.

JJCC JJCC performed their single titled, “One Way” yesterday on ‘Music Bank.’ The guys has been busy and are not really performing on the music shows.

Though the guys are having a great time whenever they do promote for their fans.

JJCC’s performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday.

LABOUM LABOUM had a full performance as they sang their cute single titled, “Pit a Pat.” Solbin, Yulhee, Haein, ZN, Soyeon, and Yujeong wore a colored combination of blue and white outfits.

The camera person did a great job with close ups of each member.

LABOUM are having fun each week; which the audience enjoy watching.

Other performances were Lip Service, A.KOR, Urban Zakapa, Rok Kiss, and Wax.

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