Moon Hee-Jun, Crayon Pop’s Soyul announce their wedding date, venue

Moon Hee-Jun

Moon Hee-Jun, Crayon Pop’s Soyul announce their wedding date, venue

Soyul and former member of the first-generation idol H.O.T Moon Hee-Joon announce their wedding date and venue. Last November, they shocked the K-Pop world when Moon announced their engagement and surprised everyone even his closest friends. Their wedding date is to be held in February as reported by  Korea Herald . The bride and groom will hold a private nuptial on February 12, at Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The ceremony will begin at 2 pm, but the officiant who will officiate the wedding has not been disclosed.
Their official announcement on the wedding date and venue was released this Sunday, December 11 to ease the circulating rumors and speculations about their relationship. When Moon announced his engagement to Soyul in November, many people were shocked to hear the news. Moreover, his former band mate had never been told about his decision. Moon unveiled his engagement to Soyul through his fan page using a hand written a letter on Nov. 24 as reported by  Korea Joong Ang Daily . Furthermore, his agency KOEN Stars confirmed his engagement and wedding plan. In Korean culture, a letter written with hand written letter shows the level of seriousness and a very deep meaning from the writer. Therefore, Moon’s hand written letter was taken very seriously. Many speculations arose with the sudden announcement, including the pregnancy rumors which has been denied by the Crayon Pop’s agency Chrome Entertainment. Moon is a veteran singer and a TV personality who is now active as one of the hosts of “Immortal Songs” aired on KBS. In 1990’s he was one of the first-generation idol group H.O.T. from the SM Entertainment. H.O.T, Sech Kies, g.o.d and Shinhwa were considered as the forefather of the Korean idol group and highly respected by another idol group. While the bride, Soyul is a 13-year junior of Moon who started her career in 2012 with Crayon Pop. She was taking a hiatus since April due to anxiety disorder, and Moon was reported to help her overcome the problem. They started dating in April, but they have known each other for two years. Watch the news about their wedding on the KBS World TV Entertainment Weekly on Nov. 28 with English subtitle below:    

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