Moobi Mahgo Hosts Traditional Korean Tea Celebration To Slow A Past-Paced Modern World [EXCLUSIVE]

Moobi Mahgo Hosts Traditional Korean Tea Celebration To Slow A Past-Paced Modern World [EXCLUSIVE]
Moobi Mahgo Hosts Traditional Korean Tea Celebration To Slow A Past-Paced Modern World [EXCLUSIVE]

The Korean Tea Celebration is one of the country’s highest cultural arts.

It is a secret ceremony that has been practiced for thousands of years among Korea’s scholars, kings and nobles, according to Tea Master Moobi Mahgo.

KpopStarz was invited to sit for the first of a series of tea ceremonies by Moobi Mahgo.

We were also excused from sitting in Lotus position.

Moobi, she explained, is an “honorable name” for the people who have kept this ancient tradition going in a fast-paced modern world.”Moo means, nothing, void but, still full.

Bi is that even that is not it,” Moobi Mahgo said in explanation of her teachings.   Mahgo is originally from Seoul, Korea.

The Suhn Dado tea ceremony has been handed down through her family for generations.

The tea master explained that the Korean Tea Meditation is a way for people to find the “true self and purpose of life on this earth.” “I am a Tao master who teaches who teaches tea meditation and  benefits of variety of tea and herb, natural way to improve our health and spirituality,” she explained.  “I live to liberate people from suffering due misconception and stereotypes.

To bring peace and harmony in people’s life to find bliss of happiness we deserve,” she continued.

Moobi Mahgo explores the Tao of Tea.

The ceremony is a meditation on tea.

The tea master brewed a red ginseng tea for three days.

As she poured, she explained tea’s benefits, manners and etiquette.

The “Way of Tea” is the practice of preparing, tasting, offering, experiencing and meditating over tea.

Moobi explained that she incorporates Ki energy manipulation and breathing techniques to reach a peaceful state of mind.  Moobi Mahgo believes Suhn Dado is food for the soul.

She says drinking the organic Korean green tea along with meditation lowers the alpha brain waves, and lowers stress level, susceptibility to disease, and negative thought.

It improves the flow of energy and relieves toxins.

The tea was brewed with distilled water.

“In ancient times we used to utilize the water in-between the rocks in the mountain.

But, since our world is so contaminated to use natural water, I have no choice but to use distilled water, which absorbs and melts down cholesterol in our body,” she explained.  The ceremony originated in Korea.

The first historical record of it being celebrated in Korea was documented in the year 661 as a tea offering to the ancestral spirit of King Suro,though Moobi said “our records go far beyond that.” Traditionally, the tea ceremony is accompanied with breathing exercises, music, dance, painting, calligraphy, poetry, and martial arts.

Moobi Mahgo led the celebrants through movements and a guided relaxation after the tea was served.

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