Monthly Yoon Jong Shin, Releases ‘Gray City’ MV In September Edition

Monthly Yoon Jong Shin
Monthly Yoon Jong Shin

Singer Yoon Jong Shin released the music video of “Gray City” for the September edition of 2014 Monthly Yoon Jong Shin .

On September 25, Yoon Jong Shin posted on his Facebook and Twitter, “Monthly Yoon Jong Shin September edition ‘Gray City’ (with Swings ) Inspired by 4:33 Gray City 2 M/V” along with the music video.

The music video was inspired the game company 4:33’s game ‘Gray City 2’ and is like a scene from a game.

Yoon Jong Shin had asked Swings to talk about the life of someone in their 20s for this song.

Yoon Jong Shin talks about his life in his 40s in contrast to Swings in his 20s, mixing well with one another.

“Monthly Yoon Jong Shin” is a music project that singer Yoon Jong Shin began in 2010.

He has been continuing monthly until now and top singers have been participating in it.

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