Monsta X’s Minhyuk reaches out to fans via V app, gets blocked instead

Monsta X's  Minhyuk reaches out to fans via V app

Monsta X's  Minhyuk reaches out to fans via V app, gets blocked instead

One of the artists that has taken an interest in the new V app craze to keep in touch with his fans is Monsta X’s Minhyuk. He is a well-known singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and seasoned drummer having been a rock band member of C.N. Blue. As such, his number of followers are overwhelming In one of his fan- interaction -broadcasts, according to  coppamags , (article in Indonesia with English translation), he was expecting a casual interaction with his fans. This was when they, guested in  V Live program- “LIEV” * , he ( with Kihyun) participated in the chat using his original name.
He suffers the shock of his life when his fans never believed him. Worst is he got reported and got forbidden from his very own V app account. V app is an application many tech savvies say is essential in the Korean wave culture that has taken a global interest lately. It goes beyond what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Youtube can do. The app lets one view personal broadcasts, celebrity videos on one’s phone. He can “chase” his favorite stars, watch their video posts and make an on the spot comment and hearts to express what he feels right at the moment. He gets a response right away too. It appears to resolve the problems regarding how followers can interact, watch live performances, or track where their favorite stars based on their scheduled simulcast. With the V app, celebrities, in turn, can follow their engagement with supporters at the moment they are in a live cast and interacting with them. Also, they can identify how quickly the fans react to them by those heart shapes flying across the screen as they chat or broadcast with them. The V apps interface can be availed by pay per use via coin buttons.It facilitates reaching the fans right away (as deferred to the social media interface). Allkpop says that Monsta X Minhyuk was able to request his fans to believe him and remove him as a banned member of his V channel app right away. It was the same function that the app was used for during the KCOn convention in California recently. Artists present were known to be the first users of V. App. It has partnered with Itunes and now considered the fastest way to use to reach out to fans who can interact at the moment anywhere globally. Its partnership with Itunes even made the V app very accessible in whatever phone smart handheld communication device one presently uses.  

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