MONSTA X’s I.M And Cosmic Girls’ Luda Dating Proofs Unveiled, Sneak Peak On ‘Happy Moment’

MONSTA X's I.M And Cosmic Girls' Luda Dating Proofs Unveiled

MONSTA X's I.M And Cosmic Girls' Luda Dating Proofs Unveiled, Sneak Peak On 'Happy Moment'

Dating rumors are nothing new in the K-pop industry. This is because the fans would do the best of what they can to search for possible evidence or proof that there might really be romantic going on with their idols. Now, MONSTA X’s I.M and Cosmic Girls’ Luda fall pretty to this kind of news. One of the evidence that proves I.M and Luda really have a special connection with each other is when I.M talked about the origin of his stage name. In the interview, I.M says that he was once called as “Would You Like.” “Would You Like” is the popular catch phrase of the girl group, Cosmic Girls. Then there was the proof that I.M had danced out the choreography of Cosmic Girls. It’s because of this that fans believed that he was really fond of Cosmic Girls, or maybe one of its members.
According to Korea Portal , Cosmic Girl’s Luda was asked what kind of guy his ideal type is. She then says that someone who is good in using chopsticks and someone who is left handed. The fans of I.M and Luda immediately realized that she might really be referring to MONSTA X’s I.M. For now, there is still no confirmation that they are really dating. In other news, according to All K-pop , Cosmic Girls have finally released their first album entitled, “Happy Moment”. It consists of ten songs with its lead track entitled, “Happy.” It shows the happy and optimistic side of the girls of the group. Based on the recent happening and on the statistical figures, there is a very big chance that their recent album will top the music charts of the K-pop industry. Knowing that they’ve got the charm and talent, there’s no reason they can’t make it.

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